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How to Gain Traffic for your Website

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How to Gain Traffic for your Website

Mens Guardian| May 20th, 2020


A good design and layout always counts for a visitor to stay on your website and share it on social media. Here we highlight some important steps you should take to share your website with others in your network or World Wide Web and gain traffic from multiple sources in huge amount.

5 Sources where people gain interest
1. Quora
Write and share your thoughts on Quora. At all times try to be helpful first and provide significance through your answers. Only refer associated ideas and link to content that actually provides value to the reader. Use screenshots and other imagery to make your answer easier to read and to provide even more value.
2. Medium
Trying to engage with audience on Medium is a great step to take. Appreciate people’s articles with comments and show value to their work which interrelates to your website or blog can invite visitors to your website.
3. Facebook
• Give your audience what they want. Do look into the post insights and share relevant content. • Create Facebook pop-ups, Join Facebook Groups • Add links to your website in description. • Ask people to like your page
4. Youtube
• Always use description link to add link to your website • Optimize your videos • Tell people to visit your website
5. Pinterest
• Mix photos while you add them • Create Pins that Direct to Valuable Resources • Increase Your Repins and Engagement • Join a Group Board • Write Good Descitpions

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Important steps how to increase chances


1) Seo (works later)
Get your meta down The meta title is one factor for an optimized web page or blog post. All on-page SEO factors are important to get right, but Meta descriptions and meta data means you can voice Google exactly what you're talking about. You can use HubSpot's SEO tools and Ahrefs to optimise pages. (optimize each page separately)
2) Create quality content This is one thing which kills all factors. If no quality or consistency in your content traffic will eventually decrease.
3) Encourage Incoming Links The more incoming links you have, the higher your site will rank because, quite simply, the more authoritative it becomes in the eyes of search engines.
4) Adding site to Google Go to Google Search Console, add your property and verify it. This will make Google recognize your site and rank well.

10 easy ways to increase Website Traffic without Seo

Your Effort is Worth It! Endless effort and working on all streams can bring a lot of traffic to your website. Social media platforms are places where you'll continue to see traffic from your content over the long term. Well, that’s just some of the ideas to gain traffic. None of the tip is guaranteed as no one knows from where and when they get a visitor. If you’ve got your personal advices for increasing traffic and bringing hundreds of new visitors to your website, I’d love to hear them.